Mind Benders

Deductive reasoning ability is essential for successful learning at every grade level. These excellent books provide the step-by-step guidance needed to challenge students to significantly improve their thinking and reasoning skills. Many of these problems are found in graduate record exams, even in the A level! It is suggested that anyone doing these for the first time start with the A level to learn the deductive reasoning process before trying more challenging levels. Each book contains basic teaching suggestions and answers.
Homeschoolers' Comments

"We love Mind Benders. We completed A-1 this past semester. My daughter is in the 2nd grade. It challenged not only my daughter, but my husband and me at times also. The exercises cause (teach) you to think about what information you have, and how you can narrow down the clues to arrive at the answer, usually a 'who belongs to what' type of problem. We really think they teach logical thinking. I hope you add them to your line!" KO - Homeschooler

"Some of our students who've returned home from college tell us that, of all the things they picked up in the gifted program, the one thing that helped them most was Mind Benders." D.I. - Kentucky

"Thanks! We love your Mind Benders....[I] find the deductive reasoning invaluable; it has helped my daughter very much, and she loves to figure them out. I have observed her using the deductive thinking in other areas of her studies and just in daily problems or situations. Thanks again for a wonderful series." --Wendy, via the Internet

"The best logic puzzles we've found are in the Mind Benders books." Recommended! --Jessie Wise & Susan Wise Bauer, The Well-Trained Mind
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