Music Education In The Christian Home

Music Education In The Christian Home

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Dr. MaryAnn Froehlich
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Learn the important role of music to Christian education. Excellent for parents who are feeling overwhelmed or under qualified to instruct their children in music. Practical advice abounds! Music education is within your grasp. This book can help you nurture and encourage your child's understanding and appreciation of music. Dr. Froelich will give you an overview of music history, teach you how to encourage your child musically, and explain the role of church and home-school music programs. If you feel you are not musical enough to teach, or you don't have the time or the money to include music in our curriculum, this book is just for you. The author explains that no parent is unqualified to instruct their children in music. This book is a "you can do it" book written by someone who has. The plan that Dr. Froelich presents is the same one she used while home schooling her three children. You can begin teaching your children about music today!

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