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My Nature Journal

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MY NATURE JOURNAL is a unique keepsake journal specifically designed to help children build a lasting personal connection to nature.
ISBN 10:
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Adrienne Olmstead
Grade Level/Age:
Ages 8 and up
176 pages with hidden wire-o binding
5.5" x 8.5"



This book is interactive, creative and fun! It offers a blend of exploration, discovery and reflective activities that help kids understand, appreciate, and enjoy nature.

Children using MY NATURE JOURNAL will ....

... Explore the natural world around them -- children can record and draw their discoveries on many pages throughout the journal.
... Learn how nature works -- children are introduced to basic ecological concepts as they do the journal activities. This is hands-on learning.
... Spend quiet time appreciating nature -- children have the opportunity to write their thoughts and feelings about nature throughout MY NATURE JOURNAL.

MY NATURE JOURNAL guides children through 5 NATURAL WORLDS:


Woodland Topics
Trees, Leaves, Decomposers, Mammals, Animal Tracks

Woodland Activities
Woodland Scavenger Hunt; Tree Leaves I Found; My Leaf Rubbings; If I Were a Tree; My Favorite Fall Leaves; Decomposers I Found; A Place Where I Like to Be; Searching for Clues; Animal Tracks I Found; My Woodland Notes and Sketches


Meadow Topics
Flowers, Seed Dispersal, Insects, Butterflies and Moths, Spiders, Reptiles

Meadow Activities
Its a Small World; Flowers I Found; Seed Scavenger Hunt; My Insect; Insects I Found; My Butterfly and Moth Drawings; My Spider Page; My Favorite Meadow Place; My Meadow Notes and Sketches


Pond & Stream Topics
Amphibians, Aquatic Insects, Adaptations, Birds, Poems

Pond & Stream Activities
The World by the Water; Frog Life Cycle; I Found Em; I Found Aquatic Insects; My Creature Feature; Birds I Have Seen; Birdwatching Bingo; My Poems; My Pond & River Notes and Sketches


Seashore Topics
Seashore Treasures, Tidepools, Rocks to Sand

Seashore Activities
My Treasure Trove; My Message in a Bottle; Tidepool Creatures I Found; My Pebble Chart; My Sea Monster; My Seashore Notes and Sketches


Twilight Topics

Twilight, Nocturnal Animals, Bats, Origin Story, Sunrise & Sunset, Moon Phases, Constellations

Twilight Activities
A Sunset is to Me; My List of Twilight Animals; Bat Writing; My Night Origin Story; My Place After Sunrise; My Place After Sunset; My Moon Phase Chart; My Constellations; My Twilight Notes and Sketches


My Wishes for the Earth
Ways I Can Help Nature
Why I Like Being in Nature
Why Nature is Special to Me
Why I Think Nature is Important
Spending Time Alone in Nature

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