Noah Websterís Reading Handbook

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One of Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks!All you need to teach phonics and reading to young children, or use for remedial work for older students.
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This colorful reprint of Noah Websterís handbook (originally published in the early 1800ís) is designed to give young students a solid foundation in phonics, reading and spelling. It can be used as a supplement to reading programs but it may be and has been used by itself to teach a child to read successfully!

Several years before his classic dictionary was in print, Webster produced a practical book that was used in the school houses of America to teach primary reading, phonics and spelling. This book, known as The American Spelling Book, or popularly referred to as The Blue-Backed Speller, was an instant success and endured as the standard reading text in America for over a century. In fact, the printing royalties from this reading handbook helped to sustain Webster financially during those years in which he was preoccupied with working on his now famous dictionary. Millions of copies of The Blue-Backed Speller, along with books like the Bible and the McGuffey's readers, gave young people in America an excellent foundation in the areas of reading, phonics and spelling.

The book that follows, Noah Webster's Reading Handbook, is an updated and modernized version of the old Blue-Backed Speller.

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