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Old and New Testament Bible Study Course

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An excellent survey-study of the entire Bible.
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High School - Adult
Photo only shows Old Testament book, however this item includes both the Old and New Testament books.



These books were used for years in the Dallas Public Schools, beginning in the 1940ís. Those were the days! They provide an excellent survey-study of the entire Bible. I REALLY like them and believe that all adolescents should learn this foundational-plus material. You canít always be there when your older children make important, life altering choices but Godís Word in their hearts can and will enable them to know (and prayerfully take) the correct and wise path! Psalm 119: 9.

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Old and New Testament Bible Study... Jun 20, 2011 Danny Robinson Tigard OR   This is an exceptional Bible study through the Old and New Testaments that was authorized by the Dallas, Texas Board of Education in 1954 and 1946... more...
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