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One Year Book of Did You Know? Devotions for Kids

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Devotions have never been so much fun!
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Tyndale House
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Ages 7 - 13
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This one-year devotional is filled with interesting facts and stories, based on the popular Actual Factuals books by Nancy S. Hill. Kids can read a daily Bible verse and lesson while learning interesting trivia. These 365 devotionals include 165 brand-new entries, as well as two indexes to help readers find topics or verses quickly. From silly to stunning, the trivia found in Did You Know Devotions for Kids will keep them coming back for more every day.

Wow your friends!
Amaze your parents!

DID YOU KNOW that if you rub garlic on your foot, in a few minutes your breath will smell like garlic?
DID YOU KNOW that basketball started with a fruit basket?
DID YOU KNOW that God can use a quiet place and your curiosity to teach you about himself?

This is like no devotional book you’ve ever read. Chock full of interesting and sometimes silly facts, every day teaches you something new that you can use to impress your friends. Each "Did You Know?" story is followed by a brief lesson and a Bible verse. Along the way, you’ll discover that the most important one to impress is God.

Devotions have never been so much fun!

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