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One Year Devotions 4 Sports Fans

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Runners, take your mark . . .
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Tyndale House
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Ages 12 and up
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Find out what the world of sports can teach us about spiritual principles with this new One Year daily devotional. Each daily reading focuses on a Scripture verse and a devotional illustration from the sports world. Illustrations come from over 40 different sports, including basketball, football, baseball, snowboarding, skateboarding, track, golf, and more. This devotional provides daily insight into Scripture for sports fans ages 12 and up.

Ready to win the Game of Life?

The Bible talks a lot about training for life as an athlete trains for a race. Some days everything gels and you’re in the zone, while other times you feel like you’re limping along the sideline. Success in the Christian life - just like the sports world - requires maximum effort, dedicated discipline, intense concentration, experienced coaching, and a healthy daily diet. That’s what The One Year® Devotional for Sports Fans brings to you.

Each of the 365 "training sessions" utilizes the best equipment out there. Hundreds of replays from real-life competitions help you apply winning strategies for following God every day. Your coach? God himself. The playbook? His Word, the Bible.

Victory is yours when you train with the ultimate Champion.
Runners, take your mark . . .

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