Original Latina Christiana 2 Teacher Book

Original Latina Christiana 2 Teacher Book

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Memoria Press
Cheryl Lowe
Grade Level/Age:
Grades 3 - 6
8.5 x 11 inches



Different cover. Same contents.

This review from a homeschooler says it best,

"I recently started teaching Latin at the elementary level and after evaluating four different programs, including Martha Wilson's Latin Primer, I chose Cheryl Lowe's Latina Christiana. I would like to enthusiastically recommend it for you to carry for homeschoolers for the following reasons:

1.) The program is written with homeschoolers in mind. No prior knowledge of Latin is assumed.

2.) Detailed lesson plans give specific, clear instructions for presenting all new concepts.

3.) Roman history, using the Famous Men of Rome series is included in the lesson plans. It makes the study of Latin come alive. History questions are covered on the included tests.

4.) English derivatives from Latin words are specifically covered -- a great vocabulary builder.

5.) The focus is on the use of Latin by the Christian Church as opposed to a classical focus. For example, in Level 1, the Lord's prayer, a table prayer, and two hymns are learned in Latin.

6.) Compared to the Latin Primer, Cheryl Lowe's program is much clearer and better organized, especially for those who have no background in Latin or language study.

7.) It's inexpensive

8.) After using the program, the student should be prepared to read Latin classics independently.' Deborah K.

Need I say more? :)

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