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Phonics Pathways and Reading Pathways

by Dolores G. Hiskes

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"Phonics Pathways is one of my favorite resources because it is a complete program, clearly and easily presented, and is very reasonably priced. It works for all ages, and it begins instruction with the sounds of the letters. Phonics Pathways is more comprehensive than some other programs in that it includes diacritical markings, suffixes, prefixes, plurals, possessives, contractions, and compound words. It teaches blending using "consonant-vowel" combinations such as "ca, co, cu." Different learning styles are addresed with multisensory methods throughout the program.

In the ninth edition, Phonics Pathways added a valuable extra--they incorporated supplemental games that were previously sold separately. These are now printed directly into the book for you to reproduce and create for yourself. (Preprinted games on heavier card stock are still sold separately for those who prefer not to make their own copies.) The games make this a great program for Wiggly Willys and Sociable Sues.

Lessons include practice with syllables, words, phrases, and sentences, so extra readers are not necessary. Teaching instruction is included on each page, so there's no flipping back and forth or referring to a separate teacher manual.

The ninth edition has an added section at the back explaining correlation to state standards for those concerned.

Reading Pathways, fifth edition, is an optional, companion to Phonics Pathways. The subtitle, "Simple Exercises to Improve Reading Fluency," reflects the content. Earlier editions of this book were titled Pyramid since the reading exercises expand in pyramid fashion from a single word to complex sentences. Within each pyramid, the single word is repeated in each subsequent line, but each time one or more additional words are added to make and then expand a sentence."

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Phonics Pathways
Clear Steps to Easy Reading and Perfect Spelling, 9th Edition

Now in its ninth edition, Phonics Pathways teaches students of all ages phonics and spelling with an efficient, practical, and foolproof method. Written in an easy-to-use format, Phonics Pathways is organized by sounds and spelling patterns. The patterns are introduced one at a time and slowly built into syllables, words, phrases, and sentences. Printed in a large 8-1/2" x 11" lay-flat format for easy photocopying, Phonics Pathways is filled with illustrative examples, word lists, and practice readings that are 100 percent decodable. While appropriate for K-2 emergent readers, this award-winning book has also been used successfully with adolescent and adult learners, as well as second language learners and students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

This is one of Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks . . .
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Reading Pathways
Simple Exercises to Improve Reading Fluency, 5th Edition

Now in its fifth edition, Reading Pathways offers an easy-to-use, highly effective approach to improving reading accuracy and fluency for students of all ages, using a unique pyramid format. Reading pyramids begin with one word on the first line at the top of each page for the student to read. Next s/he reads a short phrase on the second line, then a longer phrase on the third line, adding words until s/he reads a long, complex sentence at the bottom of the page. The stories are predictably silly making them a natural, built-in reward. As the student moves from the pinnacle to the base of each pyramid, the phrase or sentence becomes a more interesting and expansive, and the student's confidence grows with each line completed. Progressively building up the amount of text per line increases eye span, strengthens eye tracking, and develops reading fluency. The book also features more challenging multi-syllable word pyramid exercises and games to further develop fluency and vocabulary. Learning to read long words by syllables removes the fear and mystique of multi-syllable words and helps students build the strong vocabulary so critical for success in reading and writing.

Reading Pathways is not a stand-alone phonics program. Your child should know letter sounds, including all of the short-vowel sounds, before beginning Reading Pathways. If your child has already completed a reading program, but does not have fluent oral reading skills, Reading Pathways would be an ideal program to bring him up to speed. The type in the book is very large, which will appeal to any child who is laboring to read.

This new expanded version contains more than 20% more material including more mini-pyramids, and an all-new, challenging Brainbusters section for advanced reading practice using many multisyllable words. Also included is a completely indexed summary of multisyllable words For quick and easy reference. This outstanding program is suitable for children and adults, children with special needs and anyone learning to read English as a second language.
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