Proverbs for Parenting

An excellent, topical guide for child raising from the book of Proverbs. Do you find that the daily opportunities to teach children godly principles of life are often forfeited and replaced by "Don't do that", "Stop" and "Because"? Then Proverbs for Parenting is for you. Replace these phrases with wisdom from Proverbs, God's instruction to young people. This beautiful hardbound book has over 300 pages with the proverbs arranged in categories for quick access. This book will encourage and help you share Biblical truths with your children. Use as a handy resource when situations arise and have a verse ready to affirm good behavior! Hundreds of proverbs are covered in 70 topics with each proverb fully quoted under the appropriate topic. For home educators, it is an excellent resource for designing character development units or supplementing any curriculum you use. This book saves you time by giving you ready access to teach and correct your children wiht the Words of Life. An extremely valuable resource your family will never outgrow!
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