Reading Strands

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Help students think beyond the surface of what they read.
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National Writing Institute
Dave Marks
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All Ages
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The ideas presented here are based on the knowledge that good literature can enrich anyone's life. This book instructs parents in a method of examining ideas in literature by asking questions that help students think beyond the surface of what they read. Finding just the right literature, at just the right level, and covering topics your child will delight in are stressed. While most of the instruction is appropriate for all ages, some of the concepts, including parody, satire, and voice/point of view, would be best reserved for older students. Improve your ability to deeply engage your children in the books they are reading!

This ungraded teacherís resource book is useful from the early grades all the way through high school. It begins with a discussion of goals and objectives. You are then referred to the index of objectives in the back of the book from which you choose appropriate lessons for each child.

The primary method the author uses to show how to teach concepts is dialogue. He first describes the idea you need to get across to your children, then provides a sample dialogue (about a book you have read to your child or your child has read to him or herself) showing how you can help children think beyond the surface of stories. You might need to read the books you will be discussing with your children (particularly if your child has weak comprehension skills) so that you can direct the conversation usefully.

The author, Dave Marks, tries to address the needs of various age groups throughout. In the back of the book are extensive reading lists which, while they are very useful, also include many books that are popular but unacceptable. However, the lists should be useful in directing us to well-written books at appropriate reading levels.

Paraphrased from Cathy Duffy at - my favorite online source for homeschooling information!

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