Saxon Phonics Intervention

Though developed by Lorna Simmons, author of our successful Phonics K-2 series, Phonics Intervention is not an extension of that series. Instead, it was written specifically for older, struggling students who have difficulty reading and spelling. This supplemental program is designed to ensure that no student is left behind.

The program begins with a quick review of consonants and then moves to vowels, decoding, spelling, and reading comprehension. Students are taught explicit, predictable strategies for decoding and spelling words. Worksheets, speed drills, and vocabulary tests provide continual reinforcement of concepts learned as well as a daily opportunity to read connected text. All student reading materials contain fully controlled, decodable text to ensure student success. A built-in vocabulary component helps increase vocabulary while reinforcing phonics and spelling rules. Progressively difficult alphabetizing activities teach dictionary skills. Cumulative assessments occur at regular intervals, and specific remediation activities are provided for students who have difficulty. Worksheets include twenty-five fact-based paragraphs that teach students about U.S. history, so students learn valuable information and don't feel as if they're in a remedial reading class.

Homeschool Kit Contents:
The Phonics Intervention homeschool kit includes a teacher's manual, classroom materials, and a student workbook. All three components are fully integrated into the daily lesson plans.

Teacher's Manual. The nonconsumable teacher's manual is well-organized, providing all the information a parent needs to successfully teach. Every lesson provides model dialogue and lesson plans for parents to follow, ensuring clear, well-paced instruction. The manual also contains an assortment of supplementary materials, including assessments; remediation activities; vocabulary tests; speed drills; and extensive reading, spelling, and vocabulary word lists.

Student Workbook. The consumable student workbook serves as both a reference book and a practice book. It contains everything the student will need throughout the year, including worksheets, assessments, speed drills, word lists, and reference materials. The student keeps his or her workbook at the completion of the program for continued reference and review.

Classroom Materials. The nonconsumable classroom materials include six card decks, one audiotape, and assorted masters. Letter, picture, spelling, sight word, affix, and vocabulary cards form the Review Decks. An audiotape of phonetic sounds allows parents to hear the correct pronunciation(s) of each letter or letter cluster. Finally, parents are provided with a variety of masters: a pretest, a post test, a phonemic awareness assessment, assessment recording forms, sight word evaluation recording forms, and a master sight word list.

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