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To help you find what you need quickly and easily, and to enable you to discover items that may be useful to you in a particular subject, we have designed some helpful tools and tricks to make your shopping easy and fun (don't forget shopping is fun!!!)

Category Search

On the left-hand side of our website you will see a comprehensive list of our 14 main categories in orange (boy we have a lot of stuff!).  Under each main category you will see sub-categories listed that you can click to open.  Some products may be listed in more than one sub-category if the content warrants.

Each sub-category is divided into pages that contain products that are related to each other such as Bob Jones Press Elementary English, American Presidents, or Saxon Math.  The relationship is suggested by the title of each page.  Below these pages you will find single products listed.  The pages and products, though grouped separately, generally run alphabetically by title.  There are a few exceptions to this such as extremely popular items being at the top of the page to save you from looking needlessly through many products. Some items (like Bob Jones Press) will begin with the publisher's name rather than the title of the text.

The first page you will see when you click on any sub-category is an A to Z search by title of every product that is included in that sub-category.  This is a great way to search if you just want to browse all the products in that subject.  It's a great way to discover a new teaching tool or book that you've never seen before! Shopping is so much fun!

Product Search

The product search is located on the upper left-hand side of the website above the category 'Parent Helps'.  We'll let you in on a few tips for getting the search results you want...

Search by Publisher-a great way to narrow down your choices

Search by ISBN-that silly long number (either 10 or 13 numerals) should take you directly to the product.  Make sure to remove any dashes.  If you get no results try the other ISBN because sometimes it is only listed under one of them.

Search by Author- Last name works best, but a first and last can help narrow down the results

Search by Keywords- Start off simple, to get an idea of how many results you get.  If you get too many results and you are overwhelmed, add more specific, descriptive words to narrow your search.  If you get too few results, try simplifying your search.  One way to do this is to get to the root word.  Instead of searching "tests" search "test" and you will be sure to have it included in your search results.

Search by Grade Level or Age- Put in an individual Grade or Age, for example: Grade 1 or Age 5.  Some products are listed as either one or the other so try both.

Note:  We do not always have all of this information for each product, so an unsuccessful search result does not necessarily mean we do not carry the product you are looking for. Be sure to search different ways if at first you don't succeed.

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