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Sex Begins in the Kitchen

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Creating Intimacy to Make Your Marriage Sizzle
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Dr. Kevin Leman
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272 pages
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In this humorous, compelling and fully revised classic Dr. Leman show's you how to create new joy and excitement in your marriage. You will learn 3 things every woman craves from her husband, the big part that birth order plays in marriage, how to satisfy your mate without ever setting foot in the bedroom, why it is important to read your mate's mind, how to understand your spouse's love language and what to do about it and much, much more.

If the only time you get intimate in your marriage is when you turn off the lights at night, buy this book now! Sex is about more than just physical encounters under the covers. It's about a lifestyle of passion and intimacy that can be felt throughout the day.

Sex Begins in the Kitchen will show you how to bring more of that passion into your marriage. Best-selling author Dr. Kevin Leman explains how sexual intimacy is an expression of the care you and your spouse show each other in all areas of life-in communicating, in sharing thoughts and feelings, and even in helping out around the house. With insightful-and often hilarious-examples, Dr. Leman shows you how to create new joy and excitement in your relationship and make your marriage more satisfying, both emotionally and physically.

Mixing candor and humor, Dr. Kevin Leman [helps] couples spice up their love lives."--Christian Retailing

"Leman's fantastic insights and unusual wit do not disappoint in this great book on love and marriage. This book includes some of his fantastic studies on birth order and its affect on relationships and marriage. The answer to the whole marriage/relationship issue could be summed up in one word--¯COMMUNICATION! But rather that just telling us that, Leman shows us HOW to communicate with our spouse (or any other individual we care about) more effectively. All of this is done with fun and hilarity that sometimes evokes an outright belly laugh! This is a very enjoyable and insightful read. It is a must read for both sexes!"¯

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