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Shepherding a Child's Heart

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Get to the heart of your child's behavior.
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Shepherd Press
Tedd Tripp
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237 pages
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A change in behavior that does not stem from a change in heart is not commendable: it is condemnable. Get to the heart of your child's behavior with the ultimate goal of your child living to please God, not man. If your child outwardly obeys while inwardly seething, he or she is living like a pharisee! This book will revolutionize attitudes on child rearing with the focus on leading our children to Christ.

With the plethora of material on parenting and the family, itís surprising and distressing to see how few books are genuinely biblical. Here is a refreshing exception. Shepherding a Childís Heart offers solid, trustworthy, biblical help for parents. If youíre looking for the right perspective and practical help on Godís plan for parenting, you wonít find a more excellent guide. Pastor John MacArthur - Author and radio Bible Teacher

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