Sing, Spell, Read And Write Level 1 Kit

With songs, workbooks, games, prizes, and a VERY easy-to-use teacher's manual, the parent is led step-by-step through the teaching process. This is my favorite reading program. I taught my youngest son with it and tutored many other children with much success. One little girl was told by the ‘system’ that she would never read well. We had her reading very well in about 10 months with this program. No lesson planning is necessary. The teacher’s manual is written especially for the home educator and each day is planned for you! With its multi-sensory approach (visual, audio and kinesthetic), every avenue to the brain is utilized. The success rate with this program is 99%+. Set includes 17 reading books, CD's, DVD, 2 workbooks, games, prizes and more. It is the ultimate program! May be used at any age, even adult, to teach phonics and reading. It has been used with unparalleled success for over thirty years.

Intended for kindergarten through grade 2 but may be used as young as 4 years if s/he is developmentally ready to read.
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