Spectrum Test Prep

Help your child do his or her best on the current editions of the five major standardized tests (CAT/5, CTBS/4, ITBS Form K, MAT/7, and SAT/9). These workbooks review successful test-taking skills and strategies using examples, practice, timed exercises and special tips in the subjects of reading, math, and language. Helps your child build confidence while reducing test anxiety. Make sure your child’s scores reflect what they’ve learned without being hampered by poor test taking skills. Answer keys and progress charts included. Approximately 150 pages each.
From the Publisher:

The proven Spectrum Test Prep Series features up-to-date content reflecting national standards including nonfiction reading activities. These workbooks help children learn how to follow directions, understand test formats, use effective strategies to avoid common mistakes, and budget their time wisely.

They include:
•Actual test questions in Reading, Language Arts, and Math
•Actual test questions in Science and Social Studies
•Tips for clearer writing, including combining sentences
•Tips on test preparation
•Strategies and techniques for answering different kinds of questions
•Full-length practice tests
•Complete answer key

Our best-selling Spectrum Test Prep series for grades 1 to 8 boosts confidence and helps learners improve test scores by offering children the preparation they need for standardized tests!
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