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Sports Talk

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table Talk
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Small talk, big fun! Each card in the deck of 52 presents a fascinating fact, then poses an intriguing question to start fun-filled conversations! Itís a light, fun and easy way to get the conversation rolling with anyone and everyone. A wonderful way to really get to know people - your family, your friends, your neighbors - better! Great for traveling - keep them in your car! Recommended in Practical Homeschooling.

Card example: Denton True Young was nicknamed Cy. That's because his fastball was known as the "cyclone pitch." This Hall of Fame pitcher ruled the mound from 1890 to 1911. The Cy Young Award, named for him, is given every year to the best pitcher in each league. "If you could create a new sports award, what would it honor? What would you name it? Why?

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