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Tales of Persia

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As these stories unfold, we are given first hand insights into Islam.

"Meet missionaries in covered wagons; a shepherd boy and his lost sheep; Sa'eed the brave doctor, both beloved and hated; the little girl Fatima who loved Christ and dared all for Him; and many more. Tales of Persia is a book to enjoy and learn from.
Donna Eggett, Christian Book
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P & R Publishing
William Miller
Grade Level/Age:
Grades 4 - 8
152 pages



Tales of Persia is full of wonderful, true stories. First published in 1979 for family devotional reading, this simple, profound book just had to be published once again for us to read. These are timeless tales, brimming with fascinating details of the brilliant advance of the gospel in Persia, now called Iran, a land now under the shadow of Islam. As the stories unfold, we are given first hand insights into Islam, what it is, how it differs from Christianity, and why people need to be saved from it. This is highly recommended reading for opening young eyes to the excitement of life on the fiery edge where the gospel glows ever so brightly in a darkened land.
Don McCurry, President, Ministries to Muslims

This devotional book of missionary stories is indispensible for introducing the religion of Islam to children. In order to support his family, Gasem worked hard in his little shop in the bazaar in Meshed, Iran. Every day at lunch time, he would close his shop buy some bread and cheese and go home to share it with his family. One day, the grocer wrapped the cheese in the page of a book. After the meal Gasem read the story on the page to his family. It was so interesting that Gasem continued to request the cheese be wrapped in that particular book's pages. The book was a Persian New Testament. And the pages of that New Testament introduced the whole family to Christ.

In 1919, Presbyterian missionary William Miller answered his Lord's call to go to Persia, now known by its ancient name of Iran. He fell in love with the people and the country, living there until the late 1960s. This humble, caring man writes delightfully, with empathy and minimal fuss, about his adventures, the people he cherished, both missionary and native, and his Lord. Van Patter's black and white sketches draw out the meaning behind each story. Willing to learn from Muslims about Islam, Miller approached the people at their level, introducing Christ in ways they could understand. He does the same for us in this book, tying it all together with Scripture. The customs, mores, religion, everyday life, and the heart of these people become alive and real to the reader. You may have already met Miller through his book for the adult reader, A Christian Response to Islam. This author has a deep understanding of his subject and a talent for presenting the deeper truths at an understandable level.

Although written primarily for older elementary school age, Tales of Persia appeals to all ages from preschool to adult. Homeschoolers will delight in the fact that long before it was called homeschooling, Miller's mother taught her son at home. Tales of Persia will be cherished by many: the individual reader, family reading circle, Sunday School, VBS, church camp, the homebound, and those thinking of becoming a missionary. It will make a useful aid for introducing people to the need to answer a call from the Lord.

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