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Out of Print. We have one shopworn copy left. Simple Studies in the Doctrine of God for Children
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Susan Harding
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Ages 4 - 8
64 pages
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This is an absolutely wonderful little book containing 26 short and easily read lessons based on the alphabet. The lessons help children find out more about what God is like. Each lesson explains an aspect of Godís character. Bible reading and questions and answers reinforce the truth learned in each chapter.

"One of the features of this book that impresses me the most is that each lesson starts by giving a portion of Scripture to turn to in your Bible and read. The lesson is then based upon that reading. In addition to the lesson which will give your child an example to help him or her understand the Scripture reading, there is a Bible verse to memorize and a question which helps you make sure your child understands what has been taught. I really like this little book! It is an excellent tool to help you impart a knowlege of God's wonderful ways to His children."

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This book has been a life-changer! Jun 23, 2011 Mrs. TM   An often overlooked resource, this book is a complete scope and sequence and resource list for educating the elementary grades a la Charlotte Mason. For the... more...
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