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"I just opened my door and my postman handed me the package of books that I ordered online from you yesterday. I am so excited!!!! I can't believe that they are actually here today. I have been ordering from XXXXX (name withheld by Shekinah) for a couple of years now, and I still have a couple of items on backorder from April of this year. I am so impressed with your service. I am going to send a note to all my online and support group friends to check you out.
With your prices low already, plus your price matching, I am sure that you will become a favorite to many.
Thank you again. I shall spread the word.
God Bless"
C.B. - Texas


"So, you'd like a little feed back on your service, huh? Well, I've never in my long life of mail ordering seen anything like it. You are phenomenal. I emailed an order in on Good Friday, after getting no answer when I called. I just assumed you took the day off. I know you have fast service, but it arrived Monday! How did you do that? Throw it at the first bird that flew by? God bless you, and thank you!"
W.M. - Oregon

". . . Additionally, I'd like to say thank you for your incredible service. It is a joy to order from you and not only receive things so promptly, but also to get complete orders. I love to do units through the year and order as I need things. Back orders are not fruitful in this environment. You have never back ordered anything and I love doing business with you for this are so dependable. Thank you!"
C.S. - Nevada

"I placed an order with your company yesterday and just had to tell you what a pleasure it was speaking with the woman (Linda?) who filled my order. What a difference from the norm! Every day I receive calls from rude solicitors. It is refreshing to come across a friendly company. She brightened my whole day!"
S.M. - Virginia

"I just felt I needed to express my absolute, total satisfaction with the way you do business! Having dealt with many other companies that seek the business of homeschoolers, dealing with you is a breath of fresh air. I can get the lowest price, at a turnaround time that is really unbelievable. My first order I used a credit card, I faxed the order on Monday and the complete order was delivered on Wednesday morning. My last order was mailed on Friday with a check this time, and I received my order today (Thursday). I have found no one else that can give me that kind of service. I am highly recommending you to all my friends. We have discussed the seemingly incessant problem of paying first for an order and then waiting months for a backorder. Again, thanks for the great service!"
G.S. - Louisiana

"Wow! I couldn't believe it - I place an order on a Wednesday and it arrived on Saturday! What a delight! The back-ordering fiasco we have experienced with some other companies is an incredible annoyance, I have found that it is not unusual to have an item back-ordered as much as 12 weeks. (In fact, only 3 out of 12 items ordered were available!) So, thank you for a job well done, as well as kudos for offering some items that I couldn't locate anywhere else. (The novel Vinegar Boy.) Here's to many more years of success!"
M.H. - Washington

"Just wanted to say thank you for your prompt service of my online order. I have been so frustrated this year in so many of the companies' failure to deliver materials in a timely manner. I have had to make numerous phone calls to at least 4 different companies to try to get my items sent. There are things that I ordered in August that I still have not received. So imagine my surprise and delight today when I received my materials that I ordered from you online just a day or two ago! Thank you so much for providing true service to your customers. That seems to be forgotten today, even among homeschool curriculum providers! I will definitely be ordering from you again!"
D.S. - Texas

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