The Birth Order Book, Mass Market Edition

The Birth Order Book, Mass Market Edition

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Mass market budget version. This is the one I read. It is excellent.
Dr. Kevin Leman
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Firstborn? Only child? Middle child? Baby of the family?

Find out what it means to you, your relationships, and your career.

Do you realize that of the first twenty-three astronauts in space, twenty-one were firstborns and the other two were the only child in their family?

Are you aware that many successful entrepreneurs are middle children?

Is it any surprise that most comedians are the youngest child in their family?

It's all about birth order.
Birth order powerfully influences who you are, whom you marry, the job you choose, and the kind of parent you are. And Dr. Kevin Leman's The Birth Order Book will help you understand yourself, get along better with others, overcome ingrained tendencies you never thought you could get rid of, and be more successful in the workplace. This revised and updated edition of Dr. Leman's classic book includes more than thirty years of experience and research, current examples, and fascinating stories to show how birth order impacts your life.

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