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The Child's Story Bible

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Originally published in 1934, this beloved story Bible remains a favorite.
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Eerdmans Publishing
Catherine Vos
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Ages 4 - 12
437 pages
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The commentary and storytelling that are used to relate stories from God`s Word make this story Bible highly understandable and memorable for younger children. It is true to the Bible in substance, but simplifies or leaves out details beyond the young child’s comprehension or concern. The character qualities of God that are highlighted throughout the volume are especially powerful. Mrs. Vos`s explanations of the eternality, sovereignty, and love of God are wonderful. She provides excellent discussions for children about those very truths. Full-color pictures are scattered throughout the work, and each chapter supplies the corresponding reference(s) from Scripture for further study. There are 110 chapters in the Old Testament, covering chronologically from Creation through Nehemiah`s rebuilding of Jerusalem. The 92 chapters of the New Testament cover from Zacharias`s muteness through John`s visions on Patmos. This classic work was first published in 1934, and it is still as relevant and delightful today. This book is one of the very best books for conveying the dramatic excitement and truth of the Bible.

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The Child's Story Bible Jun 23, 2011 Nora - Homeschool...   The Child's Story Bible by Catherine Vos is absolutely wonderful. I am reading it to my 8 yr. old daughter for the second time through. She won't let me skip... more...
The Child's Story Bible Jun 23, 2011 Ruth Bell Graham NC   I have used The Child’s Story Bible for years . . . and can recommend it enthusiastically. more...
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