The Map Corner

The Map Corner

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Scott Foresman
Grade Level/Age:
Grades 4 - 8
Reproducible Workbook, 8.5 x 11 inches



This is not just another "trace the state and find the capital" book. Instead, The Map Corner offers 72 imaginative activities to help students in grades 4-8 become more familiar with their world, and to make sense of global current events. This book's primary purpose is to develop students' ability to locate positions on the earth by using a variety of references.

The Map Corner emphasizes individualized instruction: dozens of reproducible Map Activity Quizzes help students practice and master numerous map skills and reference skills on their own. Six lesson plans contain suggestions for teaching geographic terms, practical skills in reading road and weather maps, and bird and butterfly migration routes. Also includes "The Explorer Series" where students study ten famous explorers from Marco Polo to Amelia Earhart while they become very familiar with the geography of their travels. Quizzes over these explorers are included. Those students who successfully complete these activities will receive a Certificate of Map Skill Proficiency.

You'll find all the maps you need to teach geography and socail studies in The Map Corner. Fifty reproducible outline maps, covering every area of the globe, accompany these activities. Students "learn by doing" as they locate and mark places around the world.

This highly flexible program can be used individually, with small groups, or in total group participation. Open-ended objectives, lesson plans, and evaluation strategies can be easily modified to fit your teaching style or class needs. Background information on map-makers and map users is also provided for your own and for your student's use.

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