The Organic Puppet Theatre

The Organic Puppet Theatre

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A hands-on health activities book.
Night Owl Press
Terry Louis Schultz
Grade Level/Age:
Ages 7 - 11



Children make soft, friendly, and fun 'organ' puppets that teach them all about their bodies. They can put on their own puppet show and teach you too!

The authors combine learning and fun to explore the varied functions of the human body. Although it was designed for young elementary school children, its material can easily be adapted for younger or older children or even adults. Soundings from Around the World

The children have fun, but they also learn about bodily functions and what they can do to keep them in good shape." World Health Magazine

"Children have lined up at the door to take these mini-workshops. . . The Organic Puppet Theatre can't be beat!" Jane Neumann - Science Museum of Minnesota

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