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The Potter's Press Pre-School Curriculum

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SKU #: 1H-01011
For young children who want to 'do' school!
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Shekinah Publishing
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Ages 3 1/2 to 5
8.5 x 11 inches, 3-hole punched



Now you can give your child a head start with The Potter's Press Pre-School Curriculum.. Each of the 32 ten-page workbooks (one for each week of the school year) includes stories and activities that will introduce your child to phonics, arithmetic, shapes, colors, Bible verses, Bible people (Adam - Zacchaeus), Bible concepts such as "I was made by God", "The Bible is true", and "Love one another" and more! This program is completely self-contained and does not require the purchase of any other books. It has everything you need, requires no lesson planning time, making it easy to teach and perfect for the young child who wants to do school. HIGHLY recommended!

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The Potter's Press Preschool... Jun 21, 2011 Caralee Lilly   I have used this product for my son and now my daughter. It is an excellent way to spend a quiet 30-45 minutes with your child not only teaching them their... more...
The Potter's Press Preschool... Jun 21, 2011 Homeschool mother...   We REALLY like your pre-school curriculum. Hassle free for mama! more...
The Potter's Press Preschool... Jun 21, 2011 LM - Homeschool...   Recently I purchased the pre-school curriculum. I am very impressed with the book. My daughter is responding very well to the course and each lesson is... more...
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