#The Progressive Pianist

#The Progressive Pianist

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A Self Teaching Piano Method

The Progressive Pianist is a comprehensive piano course that has been used successfully by students around the world FOR OVER 12 YEARS. It enables parents with little or no musical background to be able to teach music to their young child; or older students to teach themselves. In three levels, it takes you from beginning fundamentals, to musical competency, giving you the tools to be able to read and play any style of music.

A Comprehensive Course
Music facts are taught in the lesson through a performance piece. Each lesson is followed by the integrated theory worksheet and finger exercises are assigned to stretch and strengthen the finger muscles. Included are studies on the elements of music, the science of sound, piano history and other related topics. Lessons may be download at the students own pace.

Fully Orchestrated Accompaniments
All music is clearly demonstrated on high quality, digitally mastered recordings. The pieces are first demonstrated with a metronome clicking the duration of the song, and then each piece is repeated with a fully orchestrated accompaniment with which the student plays along. The accompaniments are in many different styles from classical to contemporary and KIDS LOVE THEM

Traditional Values
Although designed to appeal to children, the Progressive Pianist is used successfully by adults who appreciate the straightforward approach and many explanations offered throughout the course. Words to the performance pieces promote traditional values such as: good behavior, hard work in school, thrift, healthy living, exercising, reading and much more. The music pieces in the Progressive Pianist series are original compositions following classical forms (minuets, waltzes, sonatinas etc.) and contemporary styles. Students will also enjoy applying what they have learned to familiar tunes found in the Hymns and Christmas Favorites collections.

Online Support
We stay with our customers after the sale, and offer online support as they work through the course. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found at our website; any other problems are quickly responded to by our staff of trained musicians.

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