The Story Of Liberty, Sweet Land of Liberty, The Boys of '76

Are we doing a good enough job of teaching our children what America is and what she represents in the long history of the world?. . . We've got to do a better job of getting across the idea that America is freedom-freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of enterprise. And freedom is special and rare. It's fragile and it needs protection . . . So we've got to teach history based not on what's in fashion, but on what's important, on why the pilgrims came here. . . If we forget what we did we won't know who we are-I am warning of an eradication of the American memory that could result ultimately in an erosion of The American Spirit. President Ronald Reagan. . . Farewell Address
Homeschooler's Comments regarding The Story of Liberty - "This is absolutely one of my favorite history books. I love the God-centered approach. Every event of history is brought back to the sovereignty of God & how His hand is evident throughout. Even the events that seem devastating are shown later to be in God's plan and God rewards the wicked and the good. It is such interesting reading that even the most ardent hater of history will find this book intriguing. I highly recommend it!" C. Atkinson
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