The Two Collars - BJU Novel

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The Third Book in the fantasy fiction Bracken Trilogy continues the adventures set forth in The Bridge and Crown and Jewel.
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Bob Jones Press JourneyForth Novels
Jeri Massi
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Ages 9 - 12
170 pages



The third book in the Bracken trilogy.

But the greatest difference between your old Master and me is this: he owned you one way, and I must own you another. You must belong to me - not because I have broken your collar or paid gold for you - but because you have truly come to love me."

Krea, a humble slave girl, is a juggler in a traveling troupe led by a wicked master. When she falls ill one day and it appears she will die she is rescued by the Wise Woman, who buys her. The Wise Woman nurses Krea back to health and teaches her not only a physician's trade, but also honor, loyalty, compassion, and love.

When she is well, Krea becomes a courier in the service of King Reynald who is threatened by his cousin in a bid for the throne. When she is captured by her former wicked master, the Wise Woman must again rescue her and together they must find a way to help the rightful King save Bracken.

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