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The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book

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Activities tested and proven to develop fitness, general movement abilities, and sport-specific skills in children of all ages.
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Educator's Press
Guy Bailey
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All Ages
190 pages
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Written by an experienced physical educator, this easy-to-use resource is packed with learning activities tested and proven to develop fitness, general movement abilities, and sport-specific skills in children of all ages -- without the monotony of drills or the pressure of a competitive sport setting. Most can be played in a backyard. Contains P.E. activities that are easily adaptable for use in school, church, and youth recreational programs. Introduces games to children that can provide a lifetime of healthy enjoyment. Each game provides everything needed for its successful use. This includes a skill purpose, suggested age level, equipment needed, illustrations, easy-to-understand instructions, helpful advice on how to use games in a successful homeschool P.E. program, safety guidelines and much more. In short, this book is the most complete family P.E. resource available today. Now parents can liven up class sessions with success-oriented games guaranteed to put fun back into P.E. and sport participation.

Here is a great new homeschool resource. . . I give The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book a thumbs up. . . Newsletter, Feb. 2003

"Simply put, this is a guide that P.E. teachers, daycare instructors, camp counselors, scout leaders and parents alike shouldn't be without." -Fearless Book Reviews, Feb. 2003

". . .the best resource I have seen to help homeschoolers meet the P.E. requirement without expensive equipment or large playing areas." Guide), Jan. 2003

"The author, a highly experienced physical education teacher, has put together a delightful resource for homeschooling families." -Heartland Reviews, Jan. 2003

". . .A very highly recommended guide for homeschooling parents which is filled from cover to cover with games and activities designed to teach children fitness, sport skills, and the joy of exercise. . .an invaluable and very user-friendly resource which is dearly needed in a world overly saturated with television and other passive entertainments." -Midwest Book Review, Jan. 2003

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