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The Well-Trained Mind

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See our ‘English and Creative Writing’ section for First Language Lessons, which are based on the techniques in this book!!
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W.W. Norton & Company
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814 pages
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Whether you're teaching your child at home or supplementing his or her classroom learning, this book will provide you with the techniques, curriculum, and resources necessary to ensure that your child's education is the best it can be. Using the pattern of classical education -- rigorous, language rich, and comprehensive -- you'll learn how to instruct your child(ren) from preschool through high school in reading, writing, history, geography, math, science, foreign language, rhetoric, logic, art and music. Includes information on how to satisfy your state's educational requirements, keep grades, administer tests, and assemble portfolios that demonstrate your child(ren)'s strengths, records, prepare a high school transcript, study for SAT and achievement tests, make use of universities, correspondence courses and the Internet, apply and get in to top colleges.

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