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The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made

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Thoroughly Christian, this excellent book has two different texts in one book - one for young children (up to about age 9) and one for older children (about age 10 and up).
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Larry Christensen
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Ages 3 - 14
48 pages



For more than 20 years The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made has been helping parents teach their children about families, babies, and sexual intimacy from a joyful Christian perspective. Uniquely set against the backdrop of Godís creation and our role in it, this book is an excellent place to begin presenting the information, feelings, and attitudes you would like to share with your children about the truly wonderful way babies and families are made.

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The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made Jun 20, 2011 Carrie   Excellent book! This gives kids age appropriate information in a very straightforward manner. It does not give out too much information and it talks about... more...
The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made Jun 20, 2011 Homeschooling mom   Just what I was looking for. I've been searching for just the right book for my 11 year old son and this is one has just the right look and information I... more...
The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made Jun 20, 2011 Jeannie   This book is great! I have to admit I was the one who was surprised by the information since I had never had any of it explained to me as a child. I LOVE how... more...
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