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The Zoo Guide

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Make your next field trip more than just entertaining ó make it factual and fascinating, too.
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This book will make any trip to the zoo much more exciting as children learn all kinds of fun, factual, and fascinating facts regarding over 100 animals that God created. The absolutely stunning photographs of each animal make it a wonderful picture book as well. Details for each animal including "Design", "Features", "Fun Facts", "Created Kind Members", and more will help your children, and you, gain a greater appreciation of Godís hand in the design of these awesome creatures. I especially like the introduction which explains the underlying philosophy of zoos, days of creation, the fall, death, the flood, extinction, animal kinds and adaptations, defense attack structures, evolution, natural selection, biomes, stewardship, and the Good News - all in a very big nutshell. This introduction could be a book by itself! And it is written at a level that children can understand but it is highly informative for all ages. This book would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves animals! Very easy to use and EXTREMELY interesting. This book is a keeper!

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