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Surveys reveal that a majority of Christian young people walk away from Christ after four years of a university education. Why? Because they are not prepared to defend their faith in a world that, in most cases, presents ideas contrary to their biblical beliefs. This very easy-to-use Biblical Worldview course is a 12-week interactive study for teens that addresses how the Bible relates to all areas of life - theology, philosophy, biology, psychology, ethics, sociology, law, politics, economics and history. By relating the Bible to current social issues, our children will see that the Bible has timeless truths that are relevant today. This knowledge (along with our fervent prayers) will help our children to withstand the secular ideas that permeate our society. This is an outstanding, timely, vitally important course for all teens.

The CD features three independent teaching tracks Home School, Group settings, and College level. Included are discussion ideas, skits, interactive segments and MANY reproducible handouts.

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From the back "From TV news to public school classrooms, secular ideas are presented as "the way to think"--sophisticated and scientific, contemporary and aware. Even though they're infected with an array of false assumptions. Yet Christians too easily succumb because they don't understand how remarkably reasonable it is to view the world from a biblical perspective.

Designed to build a young person's assurance that a Bible-based worldview mekes sense, and drawn from the popular seminars by Summit Ministries of Colorado Springs this course:

Explains the Christian worldview of 10 important subjects

Builds a student's confidence in confronting alternative worldviews

Includes a CD with teaching tips designed especially for home school parents.

Homeschoolers' Comments

"An excellent resource. I used this book to teach a homeschool co-op of 18 homeschooled high school students. This product is easy to use, and divides the topic of worldview into 10 important categories. I wouldn't want my children to leave home without taking this course!"

"A CD comes packaged in the back of the teaching text. The CD has printable PDF files for very detailed courses specially designed for home schoolers. The PDF files include step-by-step lesson instructions, reproducible handouts, and tests. You might want to print out these files and put them in a binder for easy access. You will need a good size binder since there are more than twenty pages for each of the twelve lessons." Paraphrased from
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