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To Train Up a Child

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Train a child before the need to discipline arises.
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Michael and Debi Pearl
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Grades K - 7



This book is not about discipline or problem children. The emphasis is on the training of a child before the need to discipline arises. Learn to maintain fellowship with your child, spank him or her less, get total obedience, all without raising your voice!

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To Train Up a Child Jun 21, 2011 M. Rowland   I just wanted to comment about 'To Train Up a Child' by Michael & Debi Pearl. The Pearls are not Amish parents. They are Christian parents who live in an... more...
Excellent Excellent Jun 19, 2011 Krista Rogue River Or US   A good friend recommended this book to me. She had 5 extremely well-behaved joyful loving kids and I wanted to know how she did it! This book was so... more...
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