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Understanding Writing

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A Christ-centered, mastery-oriented English Language and Composition Curriculum
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Bradrick Family Publications
Susan Bradrick
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Kindergarten through Grade 12
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A language and composition curriculum highly recommended by Cathy Duffy. Distinctively Christ-centered, Bible-based, it teaches Godly communication of real ideas to real people through letter writing and other practical uses, rather than through abstract exercises. Suitable for teaching several children on different grade levels; easy-to-use, enjoyable daily lesson plans. Emphasizes all three basic elements of writing: content, style and mechanics. Teaches basic types of writing: descriptive, narrative, informative, persuasive. Encourages the habitual use of good English reference books. Replaces yearly English language texts, teaching all necessary written language skills except handwrit-ing, phonics, reading and spelling. In grades 7 and above the author also recommends adding Easy Grammar and Easy Writing. It works! Parents and children enjoy it! Students who have previously dreaded writing quickly begin writing competently and confidently, and loving it.

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Understanding Writing Jun 20, 2011 Trish R. IN   Understanding Writing has really helped our daughters! At the first of the year, they were writing letters that went like this: Hi! How are you? How old are... more...
Understanding Writing Jun 20, 2011 Brittany P.   Understanding Writing is absolutely the neatest thing we've used yet. It makes language arts "Do-able" for multi-ages at once. My kids have improved... more...
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