Unlocking the Mysteries Of Creation

A fantastic book, especially designed for parents to use easily with their children. It contains several thousand interesting details that will unlock many `mysteries' in simple yet profound ways. You and your children will be equipped with tools of knowledge to use in conversation, in TV viewing, in visiting museums and natural parks and in many other places. It is Bible-based, thoroughly illustrated and indexed for easy reference. I HIGHLY recommend it for every family who desires an understanding of scientific creationism and even those who don't! This book is my personal favorite creation science book.
Homeschoolers' Comments

"From carbon dating and the ancient world, to the fallacies of evolution and the wonders of our creator, Dennis Peterson - using modern science - brilliantly explains all the facts you need to know regarding evolution, creation, and so much more. This book is excellent for reading to young children and studying by adults as well. I loved learning from this book when my dad read it to me at about age 8, and I still enjoy it and benefit from it today." Danny Robinson "We used this book for family devotions. Each two-page spread covers one topic and is easily read and discussed in twenty minutes or so. You will be amazed as your grasp of scientific concepts and knowledge of the facts regarding creation and evolution increases with very little effort. This book is fascinating and we have seen the fruits in the lives of our children." Michele Robinson
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