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What's So Hot about the Sun?

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SKU #: 8A-02236
and Other Questions about Outer Space
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
Master Books
Roger Howerton
Grade Level/Age:
Ages 9 - 13
24 pages, 8.5 x 8.5 inches



Todayís kids seem to be full of questions, and sometimes they may be a little hard to answer. The boy-genius Max answers different questions relating to the world around us, and offers a lot of trivia fun and information that will delight children. Kids love Max because he can explain lots of things in fun and simple ways. Heíll also show how to make some crafts and perform simple experiments! This book contains lots of questions and answers about the solar system. Packed with great photos and super illustrations, it is geared toward the young astronomer, Max shares the answers to questions such as, What happens during an eclipse? What are the other planets made of? Why is the sky blue? A thought-provoking book that answers questions kids havenít even thought to ask yet. But when they do, just ask Max, he knows!

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