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What the Bible is All About for Young Explorers

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SKU #: 4B-01588
A kid-friendly, visually appealing Bible handbook for kids.
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Gospel Light
Henrietta Mears
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Grades 3 - 8
364 pages



A kid-friendly, visually appealing Bible handbook for kids. This colorful handbook has information about each book of the Bible -- background, main characters, author, a map, archaeology and more! Importan sections detail how each book reveals God's plan to send a Savior and how we fit into that plan. Students are given an overview of the Bible, and emphasis is placed on how the books of the Bible relate to each other. Reinforces Bible study skills kids need to grow in Christ. Following each book is a section on how recent discoveries support the Bible, and maps show where events took place.

"You may be buying this book for a young explorer, or you may be one yourself. In any case, you know that the Bible is an exciting book. As we study the Bible it is easy to become so involved in the details of each event or chapter that we lose sight of the big picture. This book will help you see the "big picture"-how everything in the Bible all fits together. You will see that throughout the entire Bible God has a plan-a plan for the nation of Israel,-a plan for providing mankind with forgiveness and eternal life, -a plan for you! This book will also help you understand the events that happened in the Bible. The time lines tell WHEN events happened, and the photographs and maps show WHERE it all happened. It will all come to life for you as you discover the meanings of the Bible words and customs-and as you read what archaeologists have discovered by digging in Bible lands. The charts and diagrams help to tie together how things relate to each other. This is a book you'll use over and over again as you study God's Word. It will help you understand not only what happened in Bible times but also how to apply it to your own life. We cannot recommend it too highly, whether for a personal Bible study, family devotions or group study." Billy and Ruth Graham

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What the Bible is all About for... Jun 17, 2011 Mrs. NM   I highly recommend What the Bible Is All About for Young Explorers. As a not so young explorer, I must say this book has helped me to see the big picture and... more...
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