What Were Castles For?

What Were Castles For?

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A look at medieval living.
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Ages 7 - 11
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Who built them? Where did people who didn't live in castles live? What were the Knights? What weapons did they use? What was a monastery? These are just a few of the questions you'll find asked and answered in this look at medieval living. Packed full of fun, facts and illustrations about everyday life in castle times, this is the sort of book you dip into to find out about one thing . . . And end up reading from cover to cover! This book is internet linked - see below.

What is it and how does an Internet-Linked book work?

Usborne Internet-Linked books serve as a gateway to knowledge for fact-hungry children. Visit Usborne Quicklinks (www.usborne-quicklinks.com) to enter the book and page number you are interested in learning more about. This site will provide you web addresses of safe, content appropriate websites you can visit to research a subject in a fun and informative way.

What ages are these books designed for?
From Usborne's new Beginner's Series to the Science Encyclopedia, there are Internet Linked Usborne Books that are appealing and appropriate for all age ranges - early childhood through adult!

Can an Internet-Linked or Internet-Referenced book help my child with homework?
Downloadable quizzes, word searches and activity sheets make learning a challenge - Amazing photographs, illustrations and diagrams provide the child with additional information on any subject. The facts found through Quicklinks help a child to fully understand a new concept and will be very helpful with school papers, science fair projects, etc.

Is a computer necessary to own this book?
A computer serves to provide an additional learning tool however; it is not essential to fully enjoy Usborne Internet-Linked books.

A selection of useful templates, pictures and clip art from this book is availble for downloading, free of charge, from www.usborne-quicklinks.com

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