Where In The World? Geography Board Game

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Learn world geography while playing!
This game is one of our family favorites!
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Ages 8 through Adult



When Where in the World was introduced 25 years ago it launched the trend in geography games. Today, this game remains the most comprehensive world geography games that families and classrooms love! The game has been updated to include the latest facts about every country in the world including capitals, major imports and exports, languages and religions. With 6 games in one, it's possible for players of all abilities to play together providing challenge and a world of fun for everyone.

This is an extremely fun way to learn geography - a personal favorite! Young and old can play in the same game at differing levels of individual challenge, enabling the entire family to play at the same time. (2 to 6 players ages 8 and up with 6 different levels of play)

Play a card on one of the map boards to learn the countries on the continents. Whild playing students will learn the location of countries as well as the capitals, population, flag, major religion, languages, currency, major imports and exports, literacy rate, seacoasts, and more. The most comprehensive world geography game available.

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Where in the World? Jun 20, 2011 Michele R.   This is a highly entertaining and fun way to learn geography. Your children will not only learn the names and locations of continents, countries, and oceans,... more...
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